Peak athletic performance is difficult to attain.  Only the truly dedicated ever make it to the top of the game.  It takes a certain attitude and an abundance of drive to excel in such a physically demanding world.  It also requires the right kind of fuel and hydration.  Chances are, you won’t see many athletes sipping a coke.  You may, however, see them drinking lots of water, rehydrating with Gatorade, or downing an energy drink. 

Athletes must be quite selective about what goes in their bodies.  This means carefully analyzing ingredients and selecting varieties which offer the most benefit.  In the case of energy drinks, a side-by-side comparison can quickly reveal the superiority of one option over another.  A look at ACUTEfruit labels, for instance, shows just why it should be a top pick for those concerned with athletic performance.  Here are just a few of the ingredients which athletes can benefit from:

1.       Taurine – You will likely notice taurine on most energy drink labels, including ACUTEfruit.  Of course, there is some pretty strong reasoning behind it.  Taurine is a naturally occurring amino acid found in the heart and brain.  Supplemental use of it from other sources can be used to treat ADHD, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and other ailments.  Research has also shown that it boosts mental alertness, and athletes may benefit from an increase in their body’s ability to transport and use oxygen, as well as length of time before exhausting sets in.

2.       Vitamin B6 – One of the major factors that sets ACUTEfruit apart from the competition is the inclusion of large amounts of vitamins, many of which are well known enhancers of athletic ability.  B6 is one such vitamin.  Responsible for the metabolism of hemoglobin, it plays a vital role in transporting oxygen throughout the blood.  In turn, the body is able to produce energy.

3.       Vitamin B12 – B12 has come into sharp focus in recent years for its amazing capabilities.  This super vitamin helps keep us looking younger by promoting cell reproduction.  It also can help keep the digestive tract healthy and protect against illnesses such as depression, high blood pressure, and even certain types of cancer.  For athletes, it is especially important as it is at the root of our ability to convert food into energy.  With insufficient levels, chronic fatigue can set in and mental clarity begins to suffer.

Whether you are a world class athlete or just trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, making smart choices about what goes into your body is crucial to your success.  Rather than chasing energy with drinks that rely solely on caffeine and sugar, try a healthier alternative and treat yourself to the benefits of vitamins and other safe, effective energy boosters.  In addition to those listed above, ACUTEfruit offers strong levels of other vitamins, including A,C, and E.  Try a case by clicking here, and discover the difference the right energy drink can make.