Germs really are everywhere.  Commonly touched surfaces such as gas pumps, ATMs, and hand rails are a hot bed of germ activity and commonly transmit illnesses.  Additionally, some of our own personal devices such as cellphones are notorious for holding bacteria as well.  Add to this the potential viruses being carried in from school and daycare and it’s truly a wonder that we aren’t sick all of the time.

Of course, the reason we don’t stay constantly sick is thanks to the human body’s very sophisticated immune system. Through a network of proteins, organs, and special cells, we are able to keep countless infectious illnesses at bay.  When working at its peak level, the immune system operates seamlessly, fighting off potential invaders pretty much all day, every day.  However, as is the case with any function within our bodies, the immune system requires proper support to do its job optimally. 

So, where does this support come from?  In short, it comes primarily from some very specific vitamins and nutrients.  Of course, in the typical American diet, many of these vitamins and nutrients are at deficiently low levels, making it important to consume them through any available sources we may have.  While most would not consider an energy drink as a means to boost their immune system, ACUTEfruit is far from the average energy drink, offering high levels of many important vitamins such as the following:

·         Vitamin B6 – B6 is a critical component in a strong immune system.  Without it, one important lymphoid organ, the thymus, can experience accelerated shrinkage.  Additionally, a decrease in response of disease-fighting white blood cells may also result.  One can of ACUTEfruit offers 150% of the total daily value of B6.

·         Vitamin A – There is no arguing the role of Vitamin A in immunity against infectious diseases.  Studies in Third-World countries have shown that, when administered to malnourished children, it protects against the transmission of measles, and measle-related deaths decline.  The vitamin not only promotes function of white blood cells, it also enhances protection against carcinogens and improves resistance to infection.  In just a single can of ACUTEfruit, half of our recommended daily intake of Vitamin A is included.

In addition to these two super vitamins, ACUTEfruit also helps boost immunity through high levels of Vitamins B12, B3, B5, C, and E.  As a brand that focuses on delivering energy in a healthy and sustainable way, ACUTEfruit offers far more long-reaching benefits than a quick burst of stamina.  From keeping you energized throughout the day, to promoting a strong immune system, our beverages cover it all.

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