We’re exhausted.  We’re sure you are too.  Thanksgiving meal prep, house cleaning, Christmas decorating, and holiday shopping – who has the time?  It can be especially taxing if you’re juggling all this with children and their school breaks.  There simply isn’t enough time to do it all.  You wish there was more than one of you to go around.  We understand. 

We understand, possibly better than anyone, how drained you feel.  That’s because energy is our business.  It was the search for a solution better than sugar-loaded beverages with jittery highs and plummeting crashes that led us to develop ACUTEfruit.  Our blend of caffeine, guarana, taurine, and yerba mate offers the kick start you need to get things done.  However, it is the addition of healthy vitamins, fiber, natural fruit juice sweetener, and 40 percent fewer calories than other energy drinks that sustains a healthy, natural boost throughout the day.

Whether you’re shopping, cooking, cleaning, or shuttling kids, you can count on ACUTEfruit to get you through your most demanding tasks.  We can’t afford to wipe out after an energy drink, and we’re certain that you can’t either.  Visit our Amazon page by clicking here, and order your holiday emergency kit (A.K.A. – A case of ACUTEfruit).  You may just end up putting it on your Christmas wish list.  

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