According to Aristotle, temperance, or balance, is a virtue. Whether it is related to

your behavior or your diet, excessive amounts of anything can be a bad recipe for 

life. On the flip side, abstinence from some of the greatest pleasures of life can also 

have a negative impact. The positive appeal of a balanced life was never more clearly 

illustrated than in the recent 60 Minutes special that featured the results of a study on 

people who had successfully lived past 90 years old. 


Here are a few of the many findings from the 60 Minutes special:

  • Genes played a small role, but some of the people had parents who died early so it is not as powerful of a factor as one might think
  • People who exercise live longer. Only 15 minutes per day made a difference. Forty-five minutes was the best time. Three hours of exercise per day didn’t beat forty-five minutes.
  • Alcohol consumption was an important factor. People who didn’t drink at all or who drank excessively did not live as long as people who drank moderately.
  • Caffeine intake mattered: Moderate caffeine intake was far more important than more or none.

Are you starting to see a pattern here? Aristotle’s statement on balance certainly reigns 

true with this study and should be words to live by for many people today. 

In the energy drink world, there are many drinks that cater to the “culture of excess” 

where consumers are always selecting the product that has the “most” of what is 

desired. At ACUTEfruit, we are not surprised by the results from the 60 Minutes 

special. The ACUTEfruit Tropical Blast offers a well-balanced blend of natural 

ingredients that provides a sustained release of energy after consumption. 

Our caffeine  levels are distributed mainly through natural ingredients like Yerba Mate Extract, so

you are  not left with the creepy jitters. The health benefits are supplied in moderation; not 



Our customers love that ACUTEfruit gives them a boost of energy throughout the 

work day with no worries about caffeine highs or sugar crashes. Our product doesn't 

associate with those scary monsters (sugars, artificial flavors, high-caffeine levels), so 

you can focus and perform in your busy day. 

Perhaps if Aristotle were around he would appreciate the balance of healthy ingredients 

offered within the ACUTEfruit Tropical Blast energy drink. With every delicious sip, you 

can savor the well-balanced offering of vitamins, fruit juice, and fiber. No excess sugars 

or caffeine levels. No Wings. No Scary Monsters. Not too much. Not too little. 

With this formula, we may not be able to guarantee life past 90 for you, but we can 

certainly give you the moderation needed to help get you there. To get that all-day 

healthy, energetic feeling, try ACUTEfruit's Tropical Blast Flavor today!