When you think of energy drinks, you think of great taste, a boost in energy and a healthy feeling the whole day. Some of the traditional energy drinks provide boosts that require fake wings to protect you from the subsequent fall. The momentary bolt of energy provided by these monsters will leave you crashed on the office floor with little time to brace for the afternoon carpool line at your kid’s school. The best energy drinks deliver on their promises with no scary monsters or faulty-wings in sight.

When you treat yourself to unique drinks such as those by ACUTEfruit's Tropical Blast Flavor, you get more than just a kick of energy -- you get a healthy dose of daily vitamins. With the nutritional value provided by these healthy alternative energy drinks, the hard crashes are replaced by a sustained release of vitality throughout the day.

The top energy drinks provide a healthy alternative to drinking coffee, soda, or other traditional energy drinks. If you are searching for a healthy alternative in the energy drink market, you should consider the top five benefits provided by the best energy drinks before making your decision. They are:

1. Natural Energy

It is smart to avoid the monsters of traditional energy drinks which are: sugar highs, caffeine crashes, and the shaky-jitters. The best energy drinks use 100 percent juice in their product, so consumers are getting a boost of natural energy, as opposed to an unnatural sugar high. The energy boosting ingredients included in most of the top energy drinks are caffeine, B vitamins, guarana and yerba mate.

2. Boosted Immune System

One of the greatest benefits of consuming drinks with antioxidants and healthy nutrients are the effects of an increased immune system. The antioxidants provided in these healthy energy drinks work hard to fend off the damaging effects caused by free radicals on cells, plus you reap the benefits of plenty of vitamins A, C and E.

3. Less Calories

The best energy drinks do not contain artificial colors, flavors or preservatives in their drinks. These nutritional drinks provide a reduced calorie beverage that does not contain high amounts of sugar. In fact, you get 40 percent fewer calories in these drinks, but you are still able to enjoy the benefits of sustained energy levels as most of these drinks have the caffeine levels of two sodas.

4. Sustained Vitality

Because the best energy drinks are not loaded with the monsters of traditional energy drinks (sugar and jitters), you can confidently leave your fake wings at home as there will be no crash landings in your future. With drinks like ACUTEfruit, you'll experience increased vitality and long-lasting energy from morning to night.

5. Excellent Source of Daily Fiber

A diet high in fiber has many health benefits. It can help prevent heart disease, diabetes, weight gain, and some cancers. The best energy drinks will contain a high dose of fiber. You get 12 percent of your daily fiber intake when you drink ACUTEfruit’s Tropical Blast Flavor, giving you peace of mind that you're meeting a good portion of your daily fiber goals.

No monsters and fake wings are one thing, but what about the taste? The only way to know is to perform your very own taste test. To get that all-day healthy, energetic feeling, try ACUTEfruit's Tropical Blast Flavor today!