Since being widely introduced to the American public in the late 1990s, energy drinks have dominated a niche in the market for those who seek a healthier or more sustained boost in stamina than traditional caffeinated beverages such as coke or coffee can provide.  Energy drink manufacturers quickly caught on and began touting their “scientific” formulas with exotic ingredients, promising long-lasting benefits from a more natural and healthy blend.  Now, after well over a decade on the market, American consumers are beginning to catch on and realizing that there is a lot lacking from these special formulas.

The vast majority of energy drinks on the market rely heavily on caffeine and offer little else to provide the body with any nutritional value.  Crucial vitamins are often missing from the formulas, and daily nutritional guidelines seem to have been completely ignored by manufacturers.  In sharp contrast, consumers will find far more than just the typical caffeine, guarana, and taurine blends in ACUTEfruit energy beverages.  Instead, our line of drinks also provides high levels of important vitamins to promote and sustain jitter-free energy throughout the day, along with one more surprising and incredibly beneficial ingredient: fiber.

Why is Fiber so Important?

While often overlooked, fiber serves as a critical component in proper bodily function and energy.  The body’s natural cleansing system, the digestive tract, relies on adequate amounts of fiber to move waste and carcinogens out of the body.  Without it, the body becomes sluggish and serious health conditions can eventually result.  Inadequate intake of fiber has been linked to increased risk of developing colon cancer, heart disease, and high blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol.  Additionally, fiber can help promote weight loss and reduce inflammation.

How Much do we Need?

Unfortunately, most Americans are getting roughly half of the 20-35 daily grams of fiber that they need.  Strong sources include bran, oats, beans, and citrus fruits, but getting enough of these in your diet to meet daily recommended values can be difficult.  Most people will need to find other sources to help boost their intake.  Recognizing the importance of fiber for proper bodily function, wellness, and energy, ACUTEfruit’s line of beverages offers 12 percent of your daily value of fiber. 

Feeling energized and refreshed comes from more than just caffeine or new “scientific” formulas.  It comes from a balance of vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial to overall functioning of the body.  While most energy drinks rely solely on caffeine to quickly spike energy levels, ACUTEfruit also utilizes a more natural blend of ingredients, including vitamins, real fruit juice, and fiber to give the body sustained energy and boost important nutritional values.