This time of the year a lot of attention is paid to making improvements, getting a head start on a fresh calendar and committing to changes for the better.  A major undertaking that satisfies all of these new goals is improving our habitat.  That can manifest itself in a number of ways: better diet, cleaner home, new furniture, remodeling, landscaping and many others.  While the idea of something new and fresh to feast your eyes on everyday can motivate you, eventually you’ll need a little extra boost.  The right energy drink can help you get through these new renovations while helping you feel good and stay healthy.  So how many calories does it take to do some common activities around the house?

·         Washing your car: Spending 30 minutes washing your car is great for your arms and abs, and after 30 minutes it burns about 140 calories.

·         Weeding: Keeping your flowerbed neat can burn about 115 calories after 30 minutes.  In contrast, 15 minutes of weight training can produce the same caloric result.

·         Digging: Undertaking some major landscaping endeavors that require you wielding a shovel can burn up to 315 calories within half an hour.  Compared to 45 minutes pedaling a bike on a level surface, you can burn more calories in the yard, and with a vigorous enough pace, actually create some cardiovascular benefits.

·         Looking to improve your wardrobe without spending a dime?  30 minutes of ironing can work off 70 calories.

·         Add up all of those stairs you climb going from room to room and after 30 minutes of traveling back and forth you’ve burned off around 285 calories.

·         Want to give your bathroom a fresh shine?  30 minutes of scrubbing bathtubs not only tones your upper body, it can work off over 200 calories.

A fresh start and a new approach are always exciting, the work notwithstanding, but it can take a little extra boost you aren’t used to.  ACUTEfruit Tropical Blast cannot only provide that extra dose of energy these extra chores may require,  it has 12% of your daily dose of fiber and great, natural, uncarbonated fruit taste.  For a sustained release of energy from healthy natural sources, ACUTEfruit Tropical Blast can help you make your resolutions a reality.  For more information, click here.