With the school year coming to a close and vacation season just ahead of us, the focus for many is have a healthy summer. For many, this includes more activity and a resolve to live a healthier life.  Of course, doing so requires energy and some dietary changes.  Finding healthy alternatives and effective ways to get the boost you need is necessary if you are to achieve your goals.

Perhaps you wouldn’t consider an energy drink as part of your new, healthier lifestyle.  However, finding the right one can actually be of great benefit.  Here are some of the components you should look for:

·         Less Sugar – Clearly drinking a sugary beverage isn’t going to help anyone lose weight or improve their health, no matter how much energy it may provide.  ACUTEfruit uses natural fruit juice to sweeten our beverages, offering a taste of sweetness without the need for refined sugar.

·         Vitamins – There are several essential nutrients that should be included in our diets.  Being deficient in any one of them can lead to several health complications.  ACUTEfruit includes not only 100% of recommended daily Vitamin C, it also includes high levels of B12, B6, B3, B5, A, and E.

·         Fiber – Fiber is essential to help the body eliminate waste, keeping us from feeling sluggish and helping us ward off some serious health conditions.  Each can of ACUTEfruit fulfills 12% of your daily fiber.

·         Yerba Mate - This extract has long been recognized in South America for its ability to increase focus, boost immunity, and help users maintain a healthy weight.  It’s just one of the beneficial ingredients you’ll find in ACUTEfruit.

When it comes to reaching your 2015 goals, don’t go it alone.  Finding the right tools, whether the right gym to join or the best energy drink, will be critical to success.  ACUTEfruit provides all of the benefits listed above along with many more.  Click here to learn more and grab your own case for the summer.