Among the factors you should take into consideration when looking for a healthy, effective energy drink is the inclusion of beneficial vitamins.  ACUTEfruit contains high values of several, including B12.  While B12 has come into sharp focus in recent years as the popularity of injections continue to rise, there are still many who don’t understand why this particular vitamin is important.  Below are just four of the many benefits of B12:

1.       Energy – Perhaps the most commonly recognized benefit of B12 and the importance of its inclusion in our beverages is its ability to promote energy.  In order for the body to adequately convert carbohydrates into glucose, strong levels of B12 must be present.  This process is necessary to turn the food we take in to the energy we require.

2.       Digestion – The digestive system relies heavily on a range of B vitamins to function properly.  B12 is not only responsible for binding protein to food, it is also needed for strong, healthy muscle tissue in the lining of the intestines.

3.       Appearance – B12 helps with cell reproduction necessary for skin renewal along with healthy hair and nails.  Its ability to keep appearances youthful is largely responsible for the recent popularity of B12 injections.

4.       Overall Health – In addition to the above features, B12 is also an important part of a healthy nervous system.  It can combat depression and even brain shrinkage.  It may even help keep cancers such as those of the breast, lung, or colon at bay.

What benefit does your energy drink provide?  Rather than focusing solely on a quick boost of energy, look for one that offers more in the way of healthy nutrients and vitamins.  Not only will you feel revitalized, you’ll look better and protect your health as well.  Click here to learn more about ACUTEfruit and the many nutrients our beverages include.