Comparisons are fun, interesting and can really put things in perspective.  For example, did you know that a blue whale’s tongue weighs as much as an elephant?  How about that you could fit all of the world’s gold into 2 Olympic sized swimming pools?  Crazy right?  Making immense claims and scaling them down to a digestible level really creates an interesting insight.  The same practice can be used when we make choices about the foods and drinks we consume.  Whether it is how far you would have to run to burn the calories from a Big Mac or how much pizza the average American eats every year, some of the results can be very surprising. 

Just to quell your curiosity, after polishing off a Big Mac value meal, you would need to exercise for 6 hours or run 9.5 miles; and on average Americans eat 75 acres of pizza every day.  Now that begs the question, how much caffeine is in your favorite energy drink?

Many energy drinks claim they provide the same amount of caffeine as an 8 oz. cup of coffee.  While that is fairly accurate, a recent Consumer Reports test showed that of the energy drinks that did list the amount of caffeine on the label (it is not required by law) 1/3 of the drinks tested contained up to 20% more caffeine than was declared. 

It is also important to pay attention to serving sizes.  While 75 - 92 milligrams of caffeine are found in your average 8oz. cup of coffee and that can correlate to an 8oz. energy drink serving, when you have a 16, 20 or 24oz. can you are doubling and tripling the amount of caffeine in a single can. 

It is important for your health to understand the comparisons and analogies that come along with caffeine claims and energy drinks.  ACUTEfruit Tropical Blast proudly declares that each can contains 47mg of caffeine.  This is almost half of what a typical 8oz. energy drink serving holds.  ACUTEfruit also derives its caffeine from natural ingredients like yerba mate extract and provides a sustained release of energy.  In addition to that it is made with 50% fruit juice and contains 12% of your daily value of fiber.  For more information on ACUTEfruit and how to get more energy with less caffeine, click here.