As the sun sinks below the horizon and the full moon takes its place ominously in the cloudy yet starlit sky, there are small feet and strange creatures shuffling through the streets.  Aside from the moon’s eerie glow, the smiling faces of jack-o-lanterns light the path from doorstep to doorstep.  Amidst the ringing doorbells and excited cries of “trick or treat”, you can almost make out the faint cackle of witch, or a werewolf howling, whatever it was, something scarier is lurking beneath the surface.  Just as this festive and fun holiday could conceal something far scarier, the same smooth, cold, shiny can holding your favorite energy drink can actually hold something more frightening than any witch’s cauldron.  Let’s take a look at what creepy things may be in store with your next energy drink sip:

·         Frankenstein:  With those stiches zig-zagging across his forehead and bolts protruding from his neck, Dr. Frankenstein’s monster likely isn’t the only one with a splitting headache.  With a sudden spike of caffeine that most energy drinks provide, a subsequent caffeine withdrawal, as it leaves your system can lead to migraines and headaches.  ACUTEfruit’s sustained release of caffeine from natural elements prevents this crashes, jitters and headaches from occurring.

·         Vampires:  Who needs sleep once the sun goes down?  For some ghoulish figures, like vampires, the day begins as the moon comes up.  If you consume enough caffeine and sugar packed energy drinks often enough, difficulty sleeping can be a major consequence.

·         Werewolves: Michael J. Fox showed us that surfing on a moving van and dunking basketballs are popular pastimes for teenage werewolves.  This could be considered risky behavior.  The Journal of American College Health recently published a study showing that overconsumption of energy drinks has a direct correlation to dangerous risks by teens that become high on caffeine.

So after a long day of work, reaching for an energy drink before an evening of ghosts, goblins, candy and fun may seem like a great idea.  Fortunately for you and your trick-or-treaters, there is a healthy, delicious option that will give you the boost you need to haunt through the neighborhood.  ACUTEfruit Tropical Blast, made of 50% fruit juice, with a sustained release of energy from natural ingredients and 12% of your daily value of fiber, gives you the boost you want without any of the scary things you don’t.  For more information, click here.