There are a lot of things that sound really good, but the intricate details about what make them good may be generally unknown or difficult to understand.  A hybrid engine, for example, is great for the environment and helps you save money on fuel, but the specific engineering that makes it possible and such a great feature can be tough to grasp.  The same can be true of the ingredients of your favorite energy drink.  Ingredients like vitamin B and its different varieties have a lot to offer, but why exactly?  Here are 4 facts about vitamin B and why you want it in your energy drink.

1.) Vitamin B is actually a complex, made up of 8 distinct vitamins.  Each of these vitamins performs a unique function in your body.

2.) The enhanced mental acuity you gain after enjoying an energy drink comes from each vitamin in the complex contributing to healthy brain function and development.

3.) RNA and DNA synthesis is done through all of the B vitamins working together.  They are also responsible for converting carbohydrates to glucose and fighting depression and stress.

4.) B vitamins strengthen your immune system.

Vitamin B is just a single ingredient in what makes ACUTEfruit Tropical Blast the ideal energy drink.  Made from 50% fruit juice with 12% of your daily value of fiber and vitamins B3, B5, B6 and B12, you get the healthy benefits you’re looking for along with natural caffeine that provides a sustained release of energy.  To add some vitamin B to your routine and some ACUTEfruit to your refrigerator, click here.