Sometimes there is nothing like a quiet evening outdoors in the fresh air to rejuvenate you.  Enjoying the serenity, breeze and chirping crickets as the sun fades behind the horizon can be quite therapeutic.  But as that sun sinks down and the mosquitoes rise up, your refreshed feeling can quickly turn to a frantic, itchy, bumpy nightmare. 

Likewise, a quiet afternoon by the pool could be the remedy to relight your fuse.  The warm sun, the sparkling water and a comfortable lounge chair can be the perfect recipe for invigoration.  However, just like any recipe, too much time spent in the oven can create a disaster.  Your souvenir sunburn from too much time spent poolside is that disaster.  What started out as a great way to give yourself an extra boost has left you feeling worse than you did before.

Surely this ice cold energy drink will provide a much needed spark before your next meeting at 11am.  After setting the empty can on your desk and heading into the conference room, you’re about to reveal more than the client’s latest proposal; you’ve also got a full blown case of the jitters.  Now that you’re irritable, have an elevated heart rate and find it incredibly difficult to focus, let’s take a quick look at why most energy drinks make you jittery.

  • Quick release / high doses of caffeine:  Most energy drinks provide a quick boost of energy that comes from high caffeine doses.  While the caffeine is quick to enter your system, it causes your body to respond with an increased heart rate resulting in a  jittery feeling.
  •  High levels of sugar:  The high sugar content found in these drinks creates a glucose spike in your blood, causing in an increase in insulin and stress hormones.
  •  Dehydration:  Caffeine is a diuretic which pulls water from your cells into the bloodstream where it can exit the body.  So these large rushes of caffeine also leave you feeling dehydrated.

Unfortunately this neatly packaged boost of energy goes much like the mosquito infested evening spent on your porch or the lobster red results of your afternoon at the pool.  Thankfully there is bug spray and citronella candles as well as sunscreen and umbrellas to provide a comfortable, healthy way to enjoy these past times.  There is also an energy drink that supports your healthy lifestyle while providing the boost you’re looking for and none of the jitters you’re not.  ACUTEfruit Tropical Blast steadily releases caffeine from natural sources, like yerba mate extract.  With a sustained energy release you avoid the jitters, shakes and subsequent crash that most energy drinks leave you with.  Also with 50% fruit juice and 12% of your daily value of fiber, ACUTEfruit not only tastes great, but is healthy for you.  For more information, or for a jitter free day, click here.