Living up to the hype that they build for themselves often proves an insurmountable task for most energy drinks.  Their far-reaching claims of offering a sustained physical and mental edge through special, scientific formulas are nothing more than an empty promise.  In the end, these beverages offer little in the way of nutritional value and are no more than overpriced sodas loaded with sugar and caffeine.  Fortunately, effectual and nutritive energy and wellness drinks do exist, as is the case with ACUTEfruit. Unlike coffee, cola or traditional energy drinks, ACUTEfruit has natural ingredients, fewer calories, real fruit juice and other added health benefits:

Uses Natural Energy Ingredients

The secret behind ACUTEfruit is the potent natural ingredients like vitamin B, guarana and yerba mate that are blended with caffeine to create a powerful, jitter-free boost. Other energy drinks use unfriendly and unnatural ingredients such as preservatives, artificial colors, flavors and high fructose corn syrup in their formula, but you will not find any of that mean and unnatural stuff in ACUTEfruit. The use of natural ingredients combined with a lack of unhealthy additives set ACUTEfruit apart from other, traditional energy drinks.

Fewer Calories than Typical Energy Drinks

ACUTEfruit Tropical Blast is a reduced calorie version, which contains 40% fewer calories than your average energy drink. Some caffeinated beverages have an even more dramatic difference.  For instance, when compared to cola, ACUTEfruit Tropical Blast has twice the caffeine and 75% less calories.

In a recent consumer review on Amazon, Kara said, "Just tried Acute, and I will have to say I was surprised to find that it tasted better than other leading energy drinks, with FEWER calories a can! No sugar added and only 70 calories definitely makes me want to pick this product over Red Bull or Monster!"

Contains Real Fruit Juice

If you have tried other energy drinks, you know that they use carbonation, artificial flavoring and added preservatives to comprise the basis of their drinks. ACUTEfruit uses real fruit juice as the foundation for all of our beverages. This fruit juice is not only healthy, it also gives our drinks a delicious and natural flavor not found with any competitor.

Provides Added Health Benefits

You will not just get energy from ACUTEfruit, you will also get added health benefits from the antioxidants and other nutrients that are in every can. ACUTEfruit even contains 12% of your daily fiber.  Studies repeatedly have shown us the importance of fiber in our health and bodily functions.  Consuming the appropriate amount can aid in regulating blood glucose levels, help with weight management, and promote digestive health.  In addition to good portion of your daily fiber, ACUTEfruit also provides high levels of recommended daily vitamins including 100% of your Vitamin C and B12 requirements, 150% of B6, 120% of B3, 70% of B5, 50% of Vitamin A, and 25% of Vitamin E daily doses. 

You owe it to your body to try ACUTEfruit today!