6:00am: Wake up, shower, get dressed.

6:30am: Wake up kids.

6:40am: Wake up kids again.

6:50am: Drag kids out of bed, dress them, feed them, grab backpacks, and load the car.

7:40am: Drop the baby off at preschool.

8:00am: Sit in carpool lane, check email.

8:20am: Unload kids at school

8:45am: Arrive at the office.

9:00am: Conference call.

10:10am: Unjam the copier.

11:00am: Lunch meeting

1:30pm: Presentation

2:45pm: Another conference call

4:00pm: Soccer Practice

6:00pm: Dinner

7:00pm: Homework

8:00pm: Put kids to bed.

8:30pm: Put kids back to bed.

9:20pm: Finally get kids to sleep.

9:30pm: Return emails, work on presentations, schedule meetings

12:15am: Finally sleep

Let’s do all it again tomorrow. 

Does any of this sound familiar?  Sure there may be some give or take on how many schools you stop at, what projects are currently jockeying for priority, how many fires need to be put out and what chores are waiting at home, but this is likely a mild transcript of an average day. 

Sometime between the jammed copier and rolling through your PowerPoint in a crowded conference room, a little pick me up is probably in order.  However, what could derail your positive momentum quicker than leaving your prime carpool line spot because someone forgot a shoe, is the crash that will follow your traditional energy drink’s boost.  If only there was a healthy energy drink that could safely provide the shot in the arm that your day demands and lead you through your last conference call, into soccer practice and leave you feeling normal at bed time.  Actually there is.

The boost that your normal energy drink provides is derived from a high concentration of caffeine and sugar.  These ingredients, while they can produce a temporary increase in your energy, can also increase your nervousness, irritability, insomnia, heart rate and blood pressure.  Are these dangerous side effects worth the 20 minute lift while you’re sitting in traffic or fielding client questions?  Health concerns aside, the minute amount of productivity you gain by drowning your system in sugar and caffeine is completely negated when you crash back to Earth after, feeling sluggish, sleepy and spent the rest of the day. 

These same ingredients that quickly enter your body and give you a jump start, leave almost as suddenly.  What you need is a healthy drink with natural ingredients the provide a steady, sustainable release of energy to move you through your whole day, not only a moment of it.  ACUTEfruit Tropical Blast uses these natural, energy releasing elements in every can.  50% fruit juice, no preservatives, antioxidants and vitamins all provide a steady, unadulterated boost to safely help you feel invigorated through your entire day.  Deriving caffeine from natural elements like yerba mate extract prevents the health concerns that artificial and contrived ingredients can cause.  Equally as important, as natural ingredients stay in your system they offer the sustainable enhancement that your body can utilize all day.

So instead of fitting a couple energy drinks and a couple crashes into your already busy agenda, enjoy the fresh, natural boost that ACUTEfruit has to offer.  While you’re enjoying your 15 minutes of peace and quiet, albeit sitting in traffic, leave the jitters and wings behind and just have a blast.  For more information and to add a natural, delicious boost to your day, click here.