Have you ever had something to do and it took much longer than you expected?  It could be a trip to the mall, having your oil changed, a doctor’s appointment; it’s not out of the question for delays to happen or obligations being extended.  A prime example of this happens often in sports.  From extra-innings baseball to triple overtime in college football to stoppage time in soccer, there can be a whole lot more activity than originally anticipated.  When these pivotal moments occur, it is the team with the best coaching, best conditioning and best mental toughness that manages to secure victory.  Being able to sustain and extend that competitive edge versus crashing as the time from first pitch to final grows, is the key to reaching your ultimate goal.

The difference in conditioning, training and strategy for teams that find success late in games, and those that do not, is not unlike an energy drink.  Jumping out to early lead with scoring barrage and enhanced energy, only to surrender it after a crash with mistakes and poor execution can really leave you in a worse situation than you expected.  However, playing steadily and consistently with enough left in the tank to capitalize and finish is ideal.

Most energy drinks with high amounts of caffeine and sugar offer a quick, temporary boost of energy.  That quick introduction to your system may provide the energy you think you need, but shortly after it can leave you feeling groggier and more sluggish than before.  It’s like stepping up to plate in the 3rd inning and crushing a home run, only to let every grounder roll between your legs after the 5th inning. 

ACUTEfruit Tropical Blast derives its caffeine from natural sources and is made with 50% fruit juice.  These ingredients not only reduce the calories in each can by 40%, they provide that crucial sustained release of energy your body needs.  It’s like hitting a double in the 4th inning, another one in the 7th inning and turning a double play to end the game. 

While a quick boost may be your initial goal, consider the consequences after it fades away.  Going for a healthy drink that provides the spark you need with the ability to carry you through the end of your day can be the difference in victory and defeat.  For more information or to get your body ready for overtime, click here