This year’s flu season has hit with exceptional force.  The surge in new cases has even been enough to suspend classes in many schools.  Some in the Chicago area have reported as much as 10 percent of their entire student body being out at once from the outbreak.  Of course, even in years with fewer cases of the flu, colds and general illness can run rampant this time of year, making it important to do all we can to remain healthy. 

Finding adequate sources of essential vitamins and nutrients will go a long way in making sure that you stay well throughout the winter and holiday season.  Meeting recommended daily values will help boost your immune system and keep you protected from pervading germs.  While your energy drink may not come to mind in your search for strong sources of key vitamins and nutrients, it should, if it’s the right one that is.  ACUTEfruit, for instance, offers quite a few including vitamins A, B6, B12, C, and E. 

In addition to these, ACUTEfruit provides a healthy level of sustainable energy to get you through the crazy holiday season, even if you’re feeling a bit sluggish.  Unlike others, our beverages don’t rely on hefty amounts of refined sugar and use fruit juice for a natural sweetener.  Not only can it help support your hard working immune system, it can keep you going strong long after other sources of energy may have worn off. 

Meet or exceed your daily recommended values of B6, C, B12, and B3 all in one single can.  While you’re at it, experience a clean, energized feeling for much of your day without late afternoon crashes or jitters.  Remain healthy and invigorated throughout your busiest time of year, and you’ll understand just how an energy drink can help you stay healthy.

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