Americans are slowly but surely turning a corner in gaining control of our health.  After frightening statistics showing that younger generations may be the first to experience shorter lifespans than their parents, the problem became shockingly real.  Years of overindulging in fast food and refined sugar have led us into an ongoing health epidemic like we have never experienced before.  Now, with truth firmly in hand, health is becoming a priority nationwide.  Suddenly, we’re hearing about kale, quinoa, and a host of other healthy foods that were never previously on the radar. 

While energy drinks are often full of exotic-sounding ingredients, it can be difficult for consumers to know how beneficial these really are, if at all.  For instance, what exactly is yerba mate?  An extract found in ACUTEfruit brand drinks, this crazy sounding ingredient actually packs a pretty mighty punch for all the right reasons:

1.       Increased Focus – A super blend of amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and caffeine, the yerba mate plant has long been hailed in South America not only for its incredible health benefits, but also for giving sustained energy and focus without the crash.

2.       Boosts Immunity – Packed with roughly 90% more antioxidants that green tea, yerba mate offers high levels of immunity-boosting power.  Of course, thanks to these same antioxidants, it has been praised for its anti-aging and detoxification capabilities.

3.       Promotes Healthy Weight – Yerba mate has a great impact on the digestive system and metabolism.  Not only does it allow you to burn calories more quickly, it slows the digestive process, making you feel fuller for longer.

4.       Healthy Heart – Back to all of those antioxidants and amino acids, yerba mate can actually be quite an effective tool in preventing cholesterol and fat from building up in arteries.  It can also help fight against hardening of arteries and the development of blood clots.

Finding a reliable source of energy that you actually feel good about drinking is no small task.  You don’t want to load yourself with empty calories and an energy high only to experience a crash later.  ACUTEfruit focuses on the healthiest possible blend of caffeine, vitamins, natural juices, and other beneficial ingredients such as yerba mate to deliver clean, sustained stamina and focus.  Of course, you don’t have to just take our word for it.  Try ACUTEfruit for yourself by clicking here.  You won’t be disappointed.